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WHO am I? 

The Shirabe Festival 2024 is centred around the question of identity. Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I exist for? Questions that each of us asks at some point. But we dare to go further and tackle the question of cultural identity. What is that anyway? And: can I identify with another culture? Maybe I find my own identity by exploring others… From classical music, jazz, and pop to the avant-garde, no genre is neglected. Because in the end, one thing is clear: it's the diversity that makes us special. 

21st of May / 19:30

Swan song - Schubert of the 21st century?! 

A balancing act between classical and pop. Frank Havrøy and Gunnar Flagstad reinterpret Schubert's masterpieces in an entertaining, fresh and surprising way. Still classical - or already pop? 

Ehrbar Saal

Mühlgasse 28, 1040 Wien

Gunnar Flagstad - piano

20th of May / 19:30

"Who am I?" 

A chamber music opera gala with masterpieces of classical music, operetta, jazz and pop, as well as two world premieres by composers Bjørn Kruse and Kjell Habbestad. This performance tells the story of two young women in search of the meaning of life. One searches for it through love, the other through her career - but where does one ultimately find the meaning of life? 

Ehrbar Saal

Mühlgasse 28,1040 Wien

17th of May 19:00

KlangBildKlang (SoundImageSound) 

Young talents from the fields of music and visual arts build sounds into images and images into sound. What happens when art genres with different cultural backgrounds overlap and become one? Up-and-coming artists from Austria, Norway, France and Denmark can be heard and seen. 

Haydn Saal

Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien

NMH KlangBildKlang
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