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17th of May / 19:00

KlangBildKlang (SoundImageSound) 

A broad musical spectrum - from folk music and Hardanger fiddle to industrial groove, from W.A. Mozart to Anton Webern - in intensive interaction with digitally processed expressionist painting.

At the centre are three movements from the suite "Woman in three Stages" by B. Habbestad, composed on the "Life Frieze by Edvard Munch", which the composer re-instrumented for small ensemble especially for this project. Students from 4 music universities present a multimedia concert experience as the final part of the Erasmus+ BIP (Blended Intensive Programme) on transdisciplinary concert dramaturgy.


A co-operation project with the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest and in cooperation with the Shirabe Festival.

Concept and artistic direction:
Andreas Sönning (NMH Oslo)
Johannes Meissl (mdw)


Norwegian Academy Music:
Tamar Makharadze, piano
Saimi Kortelainen, violin
Mari Aschehoug, soprano
Dagfinn Theodor I. Holte, percussion
Vasyl Bendas, accordion

Royal Conservatoire, The Hague:
Lisa D'Harcour, saxophone
Anna Maring, violin
Antonio Martin Hernandez, clarinet
Pedro Andino Aguinagalderomalde, piano

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest:
Kaisei Mizuno, piano
Anna Subedi, soprano
Elizabet Ferge, harp

Ineo String Quartet
Nicole Henter, flute

A project of the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Free entrance

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