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The Shirabe Festival

​May 17th - 21st


ShirabeShirabe is all about intercultural exchange, respect, and understanding. We want to connect people - no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they believe in. And we want to touch them where it matters most: in their hearts. What else could be more heart-touching than the lovely sound of music, than a breathtaking moment of art?[し ら べ shirabe, Jap .: sound, search] 


we bring together artists from all over the world to create unique encounters between cultures, countries, and people. Let art spread the word across cultural, economic, and academic sectors worldwide!

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Sophie Steiner Artistic Director of the Shirabe Festival
Sophie Steiner 

Artistic Director of the Shirabe Festival 

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Sophie Steiner is an Austrian harpist and Artistic Director. In addition to her work as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician, she creates new concert concepts and has been awarded the Masefield Prize for her work. She is the Artistic Director of the international Shirabe Festival, which aims to promote intercultural understanding, exchange, and respect worldwide through art.

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Artistic Director of AllegroPonte 

Andreas Sønning is a Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, as well as a Visiting Professor to universities in the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). A classical flautist premiering new works internationally, he is the Founder and Artistic Director of his own production company, Sønning Music Performance, which has produced stage productions in 28 countries.

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Andreas Sønning Artistic Director of AllegroPonte


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