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mdw (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien), Joseph Haydn-Saal, 27.05.2022 19:00


Through the poem "Bodies attuned" by Lars Saabye Christensen as a central piece, the music tells us stories from different countries, cultures, and people about why we need Art.

"without human life 

no music 

without music

no humanity


for such is music’s fire

that unlike ordinary heat

which just rises up and beyond until 

it disappears up into the heavens


its heated tones seek beneath


to thaw hearts

melt the ice from shoes

drive chill from the earth and cheat the permafrost


music shares love’s peculiarity: it

appears from empty spaces, aided by

your breath, your thoughts and your hands


just as waves and heavy tree tops make the wind visible


and without music

no humanity

without humanity

no musicality


for music shall join together

all that is separate

lifting the fallen

and singing all that is silent


so breathe easy now

you are also an instrument, breathe easy, and

quietly, this is no solo, you are

not alone, together

we are the great orchestra, the big

band, breathe in, breathe out

that’s it, 

we are almost in tune

and none can hold a tone the way we can"

Translation: Kevin Reeder

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