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Roderick Udo


Roderick Udo is an expert in creative entrepreneurship and financial decision-making in cultural enterprises.

Roderick is a financial economist with a strong interest in entrepreneurship, particularly creative entrepreneurship. He combines over 15 years of experience as an artist manager and festival organizer in the popular music sector, with academic knowledge of entrepreneurship and finance. He obtained his master's degree in International Economics and Business at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands.


Since 2008, he has been a researcher and lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. Over the past 15 years, Roderick has been involved in popular music festivals both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, either as a creative director or as a production manager. During this period he also ran an artist management company, working together with artists from many different countries.


In these roles, he closely observed financing dilemmas in the popular music sector, and by combining these observations with his background in financial education, Roderick developed a strong interest in career decisions and the financing of creative careers.


This resulted in a 5-year Ph.D. research project on financial decision-making in the popular music sector in Europe, which has been running since 2019.

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